How to Get Started With Chickens

Starting from ‘scratch’ with chickens? The basics you will need are a coop, feeder, waterer, chickens. They will need bedding, feed, regular cleaning a nestbox for every 3-5 hens (even though they may cram themselves into the same one) and predator proofing. Being predator proof may mean putting their coop inside a larger run, with … Continue reading “How to Get Started With Chickens”

Chickens in Winter: Happier Hens

It’s already been below freezing here and winter hasn’t even got started yet. Whilst I do worry about the chickens over the coldest periods, at the same time I don’t really worry at all. I know that doesn’t make sense. Really what I mean is that I shouldn’t be worried – chickens can cope well … Continue reading “Chickens in Winter: Happier Hens”