Menagerie Calendar

Here is the latest from Kerrie Hubbard :

But, I wanted to take a tiny break from the settling in to show you one of my latest projects. I created a calendar full of chickens, goats, bees, and more and thought you guys might like it. (I’m an artist for my ‘day’ job.) Would you like one?


The calendar features one of my paintings on each month and it all comes in a special CD case that also functions as a stand (to put on your desk, kitchen counter, window sill, etc.) They’re $15 each and for those of you in the USA, I’ll ship it to you for free. (Out of the United States, we can chat about fees).


These would be great gifts…teachers, animal lovers, chicken people (notice chicken people get their own category. ha), friends you want to give a little something to, the work gift exchange, etc….the possibilities are endless….(don’t forget to pick up one for yourself, too!)  Buy them here.