How to Get Started With Chickens

Starting from ‘scratch’ with chickens?

The basics you will need are a coop, feeder, waterer, chickens.

They will need bedding, feed, regular cleaning a nestbox for every 3-5 hens (even though they may cram themselves into the same one) and predator proofing.

Being predator proof may mean putting their coop inside a larger run, with top to bottom galvanised steel wire (chicken wire is useless) and wire going down underneath some way if you want to try to prevent diggers and rats (you do).

In return for all this your chickens will give you something entertaining to watch, enjoyment, and work – if you are lucky you may also get some eggs 🙂

They need to be safe, have space to peck and enjoy themselves; a chance to sunbathe when the opportunity arises, places to dust bathe in etc. etc. Chickens are sociable so you will need more than one – three is a common starting number (space permitting you will likely end up with more once you get hooked). Three hens laying 4 eggs a week on average (more or less depending on breed, age and time of year) is enough for most families egg needs.

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